Wooden stair at the Metro-Kino

Vienna 2014

The Metro-Kino is a cinema in the Johannesgasse 4 in the 1st district of Vienna. The building first housed a nightclub called Elysium, later a playhouse was opened at this address. In 1951 the Metro-Kino moved in. The cinema was taken over by the Austrian Film Archive in 2002. The Filmarchiv Austria runs the cinema for the showing of significant and historical Austrian films. Furthermore, it is one of the traditional venues of the Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale) taking place every October since 1960.

Retrospective John Ford


The six time Academy Award winner is honored by the Austrian Filmmuseum and the Viennale festival with a special feature. The retrospective covers 50 films from the 1920s to the 1970s. Among them masterpieces like Rio Grande, Grapes of Wrath, Stagecoach, Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and The Quiet Man

Retrospective John Ford
Austrian Filmmuseum
16 to 30 November 2014
Augustinerstraße 1
1010 Vienna

Rabenhof theatre


The Rabenhof theatre is located in the so-called Rabenhof, a municipality building dating back to 1927. The premises originally functioned as workers ballroom, but were converted into the Rabenhof cinema with about 400 seats in 1934. In July 1971 the cinema was closed. The theatre was reopened in April 3, 1990. In summer 2008 an attempt was made to restore the original optical state of the 1920s. Luckily, various interior architectural elements were merely hidden behind wooden panels. The Rabenhof theatre plays a mixture of young, critical theater and cabaret. For several years the so-called protest song contest has been held here.