Up in the air


One could get the impression that I am a little obsessed with hands … probably I am when it comes to the perfect combination of visible construction and sleek, sophisticated design.

PhotoVienna 2013

Anton Pelz Shoe Factory

The shoe factory was established in the 16th district of Vienna in 1900 by Anton Pelz, a shoemaker master from Bohemia. Henceforth the name Pelz stood for high quality and handmade shoes for women and men. In 1920, thirty people were employed at the shoe factory that resided meanwhile in the 7th district. In order to remain profitable in the war and crisis years greater emphasis was paid on exports and the expansion of mechanized production. Nevertheless, the intention to produce high quality was never abdonded. The grandson of the founder ran the business until the 1960s. Sorry for the quite bad quality of the photos, but due to the difficult light and the reflections I could not take better ones.


The so-called ‘Golden Twenties’ were indeed golden, at least to some extent.


Four orignal pieces from the Inter war period



Grillwork was a regular design element in the 19th century. Nowadays it is used only on special occasions. The piece above is quite new and was installed as a part of the entrance to a big department store on ‘Kärntner Straße’