Werkbundsiedlung Wien


Vienna 2013

Above you can see one of the houses of the so-called ‘Werkbundsiedlung’ in Vienna (13th district). This model housing estate was opened in 1932 and is now considered one of the finest examples of Modernism in Austria. The originally 70, now 64 single-family homes were built by 31, now famous architects. The houses appear small by today’s standards. However, an amazing spaciousness was created by functionality, great economy in detail and skillfully set views and visual axes.

Involved architects (extract) were:

Josef Frank, designed the house at Woinovichgasse 32
Clemens Holzmeister, designed the houses at Jagicgasse 8 and 10
Julius Jirasek, designed the houses at Veitingergasse 103 and 105
Ernst Lichtblau, designed the houses at Jagdschlossgasse 88 and 90
Adolf Loos, Heinrich Kulka, designed the houses at Woinovichgasse 13, 15, 17 and 19
André Lurçat, designed the houses at Veitingergasse 87, 89, 91 and 93
Richard Neutra, designed the house at Woinovichgasse 9
Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, designed the houses at Woinovichgasse 2 and 4
Oskar Wlach, designed the houses at Veitingergasse 99 and 101

Lettre International


‘Lettre International’ is the title of a number of cultural magazines published in various languages in Europe. The history of ‘Lettre International’ dates back to 1984, the year that the original French edition (Lettre Internationale) first came out. Publication of the French magazine ceased in 1993. The corresponding German ‘Lettre International’, founded by Frank Berberich, has come out continuously since its inception in 1988.

In March 2013, ‘Lettre International’ celebrated its 25th anniversary with issue 100, featuring artworks and photography from 36 artists, including Max Grüter, Lawrence Weiner and Daniel Richter.

Check out the current issue of the magazine here