This photo blog ist about Vienna (Austria), where I live.

On this pre-Instagram established photo blog I will introduce you to my personal view on Vienna. What’s going on right now, what is fascinating, what makes me wonder and so on.

Generally, all photos without a reference to the photographer are taken by me.

Contact: viennarightnow@yahoo.com

For the curious among you …  this is me

Six random facts about me:

I love pickled gherkins and can easily have a glass of it

I used to live in California and Germany

One of my favourite novels is “Eine blaßblaue Frauenschrift” by Franz Werfel

I am a historian by training

Most of the time I take my pictures with a Sony Alpha 6000 camera with a SELP 16-50 mm lense or a Sigma 30 mm prime lense

I can close one eye entirely while the other is not affected at all. To some this is quite scary

Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

xoxo Chael

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Liking your outside view on my beloved Vienna. And I like your paintings mixed into. At the moment I do the outside view thing in Liverpool, where I moved to a month ago.

    1. Thx for your kind words. I am exicted to see and learn more about your Liverpool experience. And last but not least, great melancholic-transcedent work on your blog!


      1. Hi there,

        this was really a tough question and I had to search my mind … but voila: I took the photo while visiting an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Metz (France) in early 2014. It featured Bauhaus designers/artists like Van der Rohe, Moholy-Nagy, but also the likes of André Kertész, Adya van Rees-Dutilh, Hans Richter. You really did a wonderful model!

        I hope this helps. Cheers,

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