This blog ist about Vienna (Austria), where I live, and my journeys.

On this blog I will post stuff about my personal view on Vienna and other interesting spots. What’s going on right now, what is fascinating, what makes me wonder and so on.

You will find photos, hints for exploring urban landscapes, art … all kinds of beautiful things.

Generally, all photos without a reference to the photographer are taken by me.

Contact: viennarightnow@yahoo.com

For the curious among you …  this is me

In case you missed it on the front page. Five random facts about me.

I love pickled gherkins and can easily have a glass of it

One of my favourite novels is “Eine blaßblaue Frauenschrift” by Franz Werfel

I am a historian by training

Most of the time I take my pictures with a Sony Alpha 6000 camera with a SELP 16-50 mm lense or a Sigma 30 mm prime lense

I can close one eye entirely while the other is not affected at all. To some this is quite scary

Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

xoxo Chael


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Liking your outside view on my beloved Vienna. And I like your paintings mixed into. At the moment I do the outside view thing in Liverpool, where I moved to a month ago.

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