Richard Avedon/Museum Brandhorst


The American fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon is honoured with a big exhibition at the ‘Brandhorst Museum’. The exhibition focuses on his studio portraits of politicians and cultural dissidents. Furthermore his photographs of patients of mental hospitals, the Civil Rights Movement in 1963, and protesters of the Vietnam War are on display. The exhibition is completed by his photographs of Andy Warhol’s Factory and the ‘In the American West’ series.

Richard Avedon
Murals and Portraits
18 July – 09 November 2014

Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstrasse 35a
80333 Munich

Design/Brandhorst Museum


The ‘Brandhorst’ building with its long, two-storey, rectangular structure and multi-coloured facade composed of 36,000 vertical ceramic louvres in 23 different coloured glazes, was created by Sauerbruch Hutton architects. It has three exhibition areas which are connected by stairs. All galleries (with the exception of the Media Suite) have white walls and wooden floorboards of Danish oak.

Munich 2014

Last glow/Brandhorst Museum


The ‘Brandhorst Museum’ Munich displays a comprehensive selection of about 100 works of Andy Warhol  and more than 60 works of Cy Twombly, making it the largest Twombly collection outside the US. Also other modern artists like Joseph Beuys, Mario Merz, Jannis Kounellis, Georg Baselitz, Francesco Clemente, Gerhard Richter, Bruce Nauman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mike Kelley, Sigmar Polke, John Chamberlain, Robert Gober, Eric Fischl, Alex Katz and Damien Hirst are represented.

Munich 2014