Vienna Unveiled: A City in Cinema

Since 27 February, 2014 the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, exhibits the rich portfolio of the Austrian Film Museum. With ‘Vienna Unveiled: A City in Cinema’ both filmmakers from Vienna and those who had worked on the cinematic respesentation are celebrated. The exhibition focuses on prominent émigrés like Max Ophuls, Erich von Stroheim, and Billy Wilder, without ignoring the contemporary contributors. Among them Jem Cohen, Valie Export, Michael Haneke, Kurt Kren, Stanley Kubrick, and Richard Linklater. But not only masterworks like ‘The Third Man’ by Carol Reed are featured. You will also find rediscoveries of fiction and nonfiction, and a rich selection of newsreels and actualités, avant-garde films, and home movies.


Vienna Unveiled: A City in Cinema
February 27–April 20, 2014
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019