At the Gasometer

Gasometer 3

The Gasometers in Vienna are four former gas tanks. They were built as part of the Vienna municipal gas works in 1896-1899. They are located in the 11th district, Simmering. They were used from 1899 to 1984 as gas storage tanks. After the changeover from town gas to natural gas, they were no longer used and were shut down. Between 1999 and 2001 the protected structures were remodelled and revitalized. Only the brick exterior front walls were preserved. Responsible architects were Jean Nouvel (Gasometer A), Coop Himmelblau (Gasometer B), Manfred Wehdorn (Gasometer C), and Wilhelm Holzbauer (Gasometer D). Each gasometer was divided into several zones for living, working, entertainment, and shopping.

Vienna 2015