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Saint-Étienne de Metz is a historic Roman Catholic cathedral in Metz (Capital of Lorraine/France). The construction of the Gothic cathedral began in 1220 within the walls of an Ottonian basilica dating from the 10th century. The work was completed around 1520 and the new cathedral was consecrated on 11 April 1552.

Saint-Étienne de Metz has one of the highest naves in the world. The cathedral is nicknamed the Good Lord’s Lantern, displaying the largest expanse of stained glass in the world with 6,496 m2. Those stained glass windows include works by Gothic and Renaissance master glass makers Hermann von Münster, Theobald of Lixheim, and Valentin Bousch and romantic Charles-Laurent Maréchal, tachist Roger Bissière, cubist Jacques Villon, and modernist Marc Chagall.

Metz 2014