five random facts

Albany Bulb

Me at Albany
Photo Albany Bulb, 2015

Barbara from lovely louisland. rediscover that place called home asked me to share five random facts about me (>Creative Blogger Award).

Thank you and here we go:

I love pickled gherkins and can easily have a glass of it

One of my favourite novels is “Eine blaßblaue Frauenschrift” by Franz Werfel

I am a historian by training

Most of the time I take my pictures with a Sony Alpha 6000 camera with a SELP 16-50 mm lense or a Sigma 30 mm prime lense

I can close one eye entirely while the other is not affected at all. To some this is quite scary


9 thoughts on “five random facts

  1. I am totally with you on the gherkin/pickles issue. Maybe that’s what studying history does to you 🙂 Also, of course I had to try whether I can do they thing with the eye as well. I can’t.

      1. Haha. That sounds really cool but is that even humanly possible? Got any pics of yourself doing that?

    1. I read the descriptionon the page. Those are all split images where two different photos of the same subject with both eyes open in one and closed in the other are put together. Nevertheless, if you could actually do that in real life without photomanipulation, i would say that’s really impressive! …and somewhat eerie.

  2. Ah ok, thanks for the correction. I just saw the photos and thought, ok my face looks the same when I am doing this. Honestly, I think it is a thing you can practice. And interestingly enough, I can do it only with my left eye properly 🙂

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