So goodbye Orlando di Castello, hello Stadtcafé. The re-designed Café shall open its doors
within the next days.

Freyung 1
1010 Wien

  1. jedib said:

    I JUST walked past this – and now I am curious about the new place.

    • Did you go in? So nice, to learn about your blog! For me, it’s the other way round, I will spend the next half year on US west coast.


      • jedib said:

        No, I didn’t go in; it’s not quite done yet. They were working on setting up the interior this morning, so it probably won’t be much longer before it opens.

        Awww, have a great time in the US! Moving to the west coast now is also good timing weather-wise 😉

        All the best – and I hope you’ll keep us updated on your adventures!


  2. Looking so much forward to my trip. Leaving this shitty weather behind and making new experiences under the Californian sun 🙂 Of course, my camera will be with me. All the best, Chael

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