Tappan Collective


If you are interested in emerging and affordable art, do not look any further than Tappan Collective. Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein founded the collective to offer young artists a plattform to exhibit and sell their works.

Featured artists are: Alison Cooley, Alyson Provax, Amanda Charchian, Anna Ayeroff, Annelie Vandendael, Ashkahn Shahparnia, Austin Power, Brandy Eve Allen, Brian Merriam, Camille Altay, César Vega, Cheryl Humphreys, Chris Cox, Clara Balzary, Dafy Hagai, Dana Veraldi, David Kitz,Doug Galante, Elizabeth Corkery, Emily Knecht, Eric Chakeen, Gia Coppola, Heather Day, Hugues Laurent, Isaac Zoller, Jay Ezra, Jeffrey Kraus, Jenny Sharaf, Jonni Cheatwood, Julian Wellisz, Kelsey Shultis, Lani Trock, Lola Rose Thompson, Maggie Mull, Marc Gabor, Matin Zad, Matt Ross, Matthew Trygve Tung, Meghan Howland, Michael Gittes, Molly Berman, Noah Jashinski, Olivia Wolfe, Owen Schmit, Rebecca Lowe Mosena, Rives Granade, Sebastian Weiss, Shay Spaniola, Stevie Howell, Tappan Collective, Thomas Hammer, Travis Schneider, Tyler Healy, Will Robson-Scott, Xavier Antin, Zoe Freilich.

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